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Today’s workforce is changing, becoming more mobile and needs a collaboration tool to cater to the modern workforce. Teams move faster when everything and everyone comes together. Cisco Webex is the new, simplified collaboration experience on a single platform. Open APIs to create a window into the tools that run your business. Teams can immediately respond to problems and opportunities. In the age of the agile business, this is how you trump the competition and deepen engagement with your customers. Webex makes working together what it should be - intuitive.





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Webex Devices work together with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams to give you the best possible meeting and teamwork experiences. Everything’s compatible. Everything just works.


WebEx Integrations

Not all enterprises work exclusively in Webex and you need a solution to work where you work. With the new Webex integrations you’re able to connect Webex to other platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google, and Slack. The Microsoft Teams integration allows you to share and join a Webex meeting from Microsoft Teams thread through a linking relationship that takes you into a Webex browser.

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