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Digital Conference Room

All-in-one Team Collaboration Device

The Spark Board, like no other, is a new team collaboration device that combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding, audio, and video conferencing. It enables team collaboration in physical meeting rooms, but also securely connects to virtual meeting spaces. The Spark Board resides in physical meeting rooms but is connected to the Spark service to facilitate continuous work-flow before the meeting starts and even after everyone has left the physical room. Through the Spark app, team members both in the physical conference room and attending remotely can meet, message, call, and, now, white board from anywhere through their device of choice.
Before Spark Board
Before Spark Board
After Spark Board
After Spark Board

Why a Digital Conference Room

The Spark Board, together with the Spark service and app, offers an integrated and comprehensive life-cycle approach to teamwork that is unmatched, by any other solution on the market.

Benefits of a Digital Conference Room:

  • Simplicity - A fully touch-based system that is intelligent, intuitive, and effortless to use
  • Continuous Teamwork - Cloud-based platform allows your teamwork to continue before, during, and after your meeting is over
  • Cost-Effective, Scalable, and Secure - Cloud registration makes the Spark Board affordable and easy to deploy in any space, with end-to-end encryption
  • Wireless Presentations - Share presentations locally in the room, or remotely, without using any wires, dongles, adapters or PIN codes
  • Digital Whiteboard - Easily white board with the Spark Board Pen or your finger and automatically save content into a virtual space
  • Audio and Video Conferencing - Make high-definition video or high-fidelity audio calls directly from the Cisco Board

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