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Acela: Lifecycle Management


Acela provides automated intelligence, visibility, and lifecycle management to IT organizations for both on premise IT infrastructure assets, IT service subscriptions and support contracts. The single point of Intelligence offering integration, visibility, and lifecycle management of your infrastructure. Staying on top of lifecycle management will help you reduce risks and keep your infrastructure supported. LookingPoint's Lifecycle Management tool, Acela, will take the stress out of managing your IT infrastructure.

Accelerated ManagementAcela is LookingPoint's lifecycle and asset management tool designed to track maintenance and support contracts on your network infrastructure. It also offers integrated smart capabilities, providing current information about your installed base, contracts and migration recommendations.
Accelerated DataAcela simplifies the renewals process with built in logic, recording information on decommissioned devices so your renewal work-flow ensures you are covering only your active environment.

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The Power of Acela

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Asset Management

With integrated lifecycle management, track and monitor key infrastructure including circuits, documentation, and network devices through an intuitive interface

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Lifecycle Administration
Acela facilitates contract renewals, identifies expirations, and automates contract consolidation and co-terming support end dates
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Real Time Intelligence
Continuous telemetry providing visibility, reporting, monitoring, and circuit documentation

Key Features of Acela

Inventory Management

Tracking assets and their associated information including sites, IP address, hostname, uptime, serial numbers, device model/type


Communicating current & recommended iOS and software while disclosing replacement end of life/ service, asset status, decommissioned information

Customizable Reporting

Ability to create valuable reports with information that is insightful for infrastructure refresh, lifecycle planning, and budget forecasting

Support & Maintenance

Acela streamlines the renewal process by tracking the decisions made on each asset

Asset Correlation

Dynamic validation of assets that are active in your network and ensuring that they are under support

Intuitive Interface

Simple, easy to use navigation, that enables proactive search to easily locate assets
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