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Hybrid Cloud Realized

Why should the enterprise move some or all their workloads to the public cloud? The simple answer is to reduce complexity, and provide the business flexible capacity to grow and shrink as business demands require. Traditional on-premise data centers require expertise and time to deploy. By going with a cloud provider, you reduce the time to deploy and adopt services, thus providing a faster return on investment to the business.

Benefits of Public Cloud

When ascending to the cloud you need someone to guide you along the way. LookingPoint has expertise integrating infrastructure as a service offerings with your on-premise infrastructure. We will evaluate your business requirements and translate them into a solution that works best for you. When building your cloud hosted environment we will take into account Best Practices, which includes high-availability, redundancy and cost effectiveness.
  • Flexible - Data centers where you need them. Deploy servers across the globe with the click of a mouse
  • Secure - Utilize an end-to-end approach with the industry's strictest security best practices, to secure and harden its infrastructure
  • Cost Effective - With cloud infrastructure only pay for what you use
  • Redundancy - Leverage the redundancy built into all of Amazon's global data centers
  • Elastic and Scalable - You can quickly scale down your infrastructure up or down to meet your business demands and manage your cost
  • Ease of Integration - Let LookingPoint seamlessly integrate the cloud with your on-premise infrastructure

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