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Extend Consistent, Reliable Communication

IP telephony provides a way for you to extend highly secure, reliable, and consistent communications services to all your employees. Whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol.


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On Premise Telephony

For customers who want a highly customizable
solution, or are governed by security and privacy
guidelines, an on-premise solution may be the way
to go.

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility of customization
  • Interoperability and standard support
  • Scalability for up to 40,00 users, extensible to 80,000 users


Cloud Telephony

Your business phone system can now make HD
voice and video calls in the cloud. You can answer
and place phone calls anywhere.

  • Streamlined installation
  • Management simplicity
  • Ease of use
  • Secure platform
  • Quickly deploy and use the system with minimal configuration


Benefits of VoIP

Telephony deployment options should provide choice: on premise, hybrid, or cloud. Comprehensive, flexible, and engaging, that's how we view collaboration. It's what we deliver to our customers and it's what you should expect from your next solution. We believe a properly leveraged solution will unlock productivity and improve the quality of each interaction. 

Benefits include:

  • Enable mobility to employees can be productive regardless of where they are
  • Communicate effectively, reach the right person quickly
  • Provide a seamless user experience
  • Scalability, a solution that will grow with you
  • Functionally, enhanced capabilities that enable business operations
  • Quality, ensure the best audio quality and handset options
  • Supportability, leverage LookingPoint to extend your IT capabilities
  • Flexible, our solutions offer many options for deployment. Cloud, On-premise, and hybrid based on your requirements you can scale as needed


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