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Video Collaboration

Make Connecting Simple for Smoother Meetings

Simple, reliable virtual meetings connect everyone for more engaged collaboration. And video makes meetings smooth, so you can focus on sharing ideas and getting things done. With video, you inspire innovation: better collaboration, improved productivity, and increased revenues. With video, you can meet with partners, customers, and your team face-to-face. Connecting people with video supports business success — and that can impact the top line.
  • Companies that adopted video in meetings outgrew those that did not by 300%.
  • 75% of businesses that meet with video report that it improves collaboration and increases productivity across dispersed teams.
  • 94% of people who use video say it increases meeting efficiency and productivity, and contributes to business growth.
  • With video, 73% of meetings end faster and with better results.
  • 100% of those who use video in meetings say it supports new ideas and new ways to innovate
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Video collaborationis key to making your business asuccess!

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Video is Easy

Collaboration leveraging video, whether mobile, desktop or via telepresence endpoint. LookingPoint video solutions can bring people together seamlessly. Online collaboration must provide multiple levels of security, from scheduling meetings to authenticating participants and document sharing. You can incorporate any of LookingPoint's video solutions into your business processes with confidence, even with the most rigorous security requirements.

Video is easy to incorporate as 1, 2, 3:

  • Get It Started - If video isn't part of your meeting culture, lead the charge yourself. Start by bringing video to customers and colleagues you connect with most frequently. Over time, it'll spread.
  • Invite Everyone - Everyone's welcome. Customers and colleagues who use other standards-based, third-party applications can joining your meeting however they are most comfortable
  • Share the Benefits- As video makes communicating simpler, you'll see your business reap its benefits. Share your experience! Tell customers and partners, and encourage teams across your business to realize the possibilities of video for themselves.

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