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Enabling Security Through Policy

Mobility, digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way people live and work. The enterprise network no longer rests within four secure walls. A dissolved network perimeter requires customers to figure out how they will digitize their businesses to remain competitive, while maintaining their brand integrity. Protecting your intellectual property, and safeguarding key customer and employee data is critical for the business of tomorrow.
Secure Access Management
  • Simplify access
  • Pervasive control (wired, wireless, and VPN connections)
  • Enforce user based policy user, and quarantine users based on compliance failure
Software-defined Segmentation
  • Software-defined segmentation
  • Access control of each application
  • Automate access control throughout the environment

Benefits of Access Control

LookingPoint has experience navigating the rich features and capabilities of secure access management software and software-defined segmentation technologies. We evaluate your business requirements and translate them into a solution that works best for you. Our solution architects have the training and experience needed to successfully guide you through a seamless deployment.
  • Secure Access Control - Centralize and unify highly secure access control based on business roles. Provide a consistent network access policy for end users via wired, wireless, and VPN networks
  • Efficient IT - Easily manage access to enterprise resources. Get immediate notification if a threat is detected, and automated device quarantine to secure your network in minutes
  • Faster Security - Automate affect device quarantine and secure your network in minutes - not weeks
  • Lower Operational Cost - Reduce operational costs by 80 percent and enabled policy changes 98 percent faster
  • Streamline Compliance - Control access regulated applications using simple group-based policies. Reduce the scope of compliance for regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and DFARS

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