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Security is a major concern for businesses today. More and more customers are turning to digitization and as the network becomes integrated with all aspects of your business, the need for security control is high. We're seeing exponential growth in online devices - from 15B today to an expected 500B by 2030. Compute has become abundant and cost effective, whether it be on premise or in the cloud, and networks have become ubiquitous - it's hard to think of anywhere there's not a wired or wireless network. Today’s rapidly evolving business models reflect trends like mobility and BYOD, meaning the network perimeter has largely dissolved. A dissolved network perimeter causes a need for customers to figure out how they will digitize their businesses to remain competitive while maintaining their brand integrity, protecting their intellectual property, and safeguarding key customer and employee data.




Perimeter Security

Protecting the borderless network in a digital world is now possible.

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Endpoint Protection

Ensuring peripherals are secured prevents risk and lowers the cost of IT.

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Access Control

Enforcing security through policy enables productivity while maintaining security.

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Identity and Authentication

Simplifying access improves effectiveness and is a win for IT.

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network visibility

Growing points of access requires a new perspective, one with intelligence.

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lookingpoint security services
Security Services

Policy Development, Vulnerability Assessments, and deployment expertise.

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Would you do security differently if you knew you would be compromised?

Improve your network security with the newest technologies available. 
OpenDNS/ Cloudlock
  • Cloud based protection
  • 90%+ Attacks
  • Securing Cloud Applications
  • 65M Residential Users
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Retroactive inspection
  • Market size and growth
  • Protect everywhere
  • Endpoint Protection
Network as a sensor and enforcer
  • Harness power of Network Infrastructure
  • Sensor and enforcer
  • NewFlow
Next Generation Firewall
  • NGFW (2013)
  • Fast growth and increased protection
  • Feature enhancements


Fireside Chats are a LookingPoint video series bringing casual technology conversations to you! This chat breaks down how the network can protect you from security threats. IT security continues to be an evolving challenge that requires the latest technology and attention. Sit back and relax as we recap network security in 2017.

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