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Network Visibility

Ensuring Network Operations and Security
Rapid change is the new normal. Mobile device proliferation, pervasive voice and video collaboration, and cloud and data center virtualization are transforming the network as never before. The new opportunities around a dynamic and application centric network bring forth a host of new challenges.
There's the need for enhanced network and application visibility, assured end user experience, faster troubleshooting and simplified deployment and management - all the while maintaining business continuity and holding down operational costs.
On Premise Network Visibility

Leverage a single, unified solution that provides scalability for your management infrastructure while maintaining central visibility and control.

  • Simplified wireless infrastructure management
  • Easy branch roll outs
  • Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) management
  • Wired and wireless lifecycle management
  • Application visibility and control
Cloud Network Visibility

Enforce security policies, deploy software and apps, and troubleshoot on thousands of managed devices from one centralized cloud dashboard.

  • Phones
  • Wireless
  • Switching
  • Security
  • Cameras
  • Mobile Device Management

Benefits of Network Visibility

The network is the foundation from which we build our digital lives. As a business, you rely on visibility into your network to ensure its operations and security. LookingPoint provides enterprise grade networking visibility solutions supporting voice, video, data and security. It doesn't matter if you are looking for cloud managed, onsite, or co-location networking services; LookingPoint provides it all.
  • Single-pane-of-glass management - Leverage a single, unified platform for network service provisioning, monitoring and assurance and change and compliance management
  • Deep Application Visibility - Use industry-leading technologies for application visibility and network policy optimization
  • Comprehensive coverage of enterprise mobility - Deliver pinpoint visibility into the who, what, when, where, and how of wireless access
  • Wireless Management - Easily identify the root cause of client issues in a graphical format, speeding up problem identification and resolution
  • Scalable endpoint configuration - Easily define and deploy network settings like wireless connectivity, security settings, and remote VPN access to all devices on your network at once.

Check out our quick overview of the important of network visibility:

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