At home. At work. On the go. The network is the foundation from which we build our digital lives. Similar to the plumbing in a building, networks, like pipes, make business connectivity effortless. Additional services, such as voice, video and security, are built on top of this foundation. As a business, you rely on your network to deliver the content that matters to you securely and expediently. Network solutions keep your employees connected and productive wherever they are. LookingPoint provides enterprise grade networking solutions supporting voice, video, data and security. It doesn't matter if you are looking for cloud managed, onsite, or co-location networking services; LookingPoint provides it all. When partnering with our customers, LookingPoint uses its expertise to design, build and manage network infrastructure.



wireless network
Wireless Network

High performance wire-like connectivity, with security, visibility, and control.

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Software defined networking enables cloud connectivity and efficient use of bandwidth.

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VPN and mobility
VPN and Mobility

Supporting the mobile workforce enables employee productivity.

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wired network
Wired Network

The wired network is the foundation for all digital services.

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network visibility

Visibility of the network ensures its operation and security.

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connectivity services

Design, implementation, support and maintenance.

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LookingPoint's expert engineering staff understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to designing Network infrastructure, and that every business has a unique requirements. Our solution architects focus on aligning the network design to meet your business requirements, while keeping the following basic tenets in mind:
Business Agility
Your business is a living, breathing entity and change is constant.  Be it growth, a new market, or competitive pressure - your network should empower your business to adapt. Your network's ability to support rapid changes in your business quickly and effectively is key to success.
Existing Technology
It's not only about what's available today, it's about what's next. Understanding current and future technology is key to a successful network design. While there are many technologies out there, we incorporate the ones that will produce the greatest result for your business. 
Network Availability
We strive to design and implement resilient networks, however we consider the risks associated with an outage. What operations are impacted? What is the fiscal impact? How many users will lose productivity? Considerations such as these are key to ensure the right level of resiliency is chosen to meet the business requirements. 
Total Cost of Ownership
The cost of implementing new network technology does not end after installation. Our engineers consider the operational impacts of deploying advanced technology into the network, such as; staff training, network performance monitoring, and maintenance. We address this through proper administrative training, or our managed service offering. Both approaches reduce administrative costs associated with new infrastructure. 


What our engineers call “the fun part”. Our experts work closely with your internal IT staff to outline a detailed roadmap for implementation. This phase includes our Project Management team and our delivery team.
Customer Enablement
This is your Network. Our engineers understand the imporance of customer adoption for any technology we implement. That is why we provide our customers with frequent updates through the entire Build process. Our experts are happy to accommodate ad-hoc questions throughout implementation. We also provide dedicated training sessions for your internal administrators. Providing this level of communication while implementing a new Network ensures customer confidence.
Pre-production Validation
Our experience tells us that too much validation still wouldn’t be enough! Before we implement new technologies into production, they go through a detailed configuration review process to ensure a smooth delivery. You rely upon the network to deliver your business outcomes and your success means ours. Reviewing our Network configurations and validating their functional impact at multiple phases throughout the implementation has been a key to our success.
Production Implementation
We believe the production implementation should be the execution of a well thought out plan. By now, our team has designed, configured, and validated your Network infrastructure to ensure we are as prepared as possible. All of this preparation ensures a smooth cutover and enables us to react quickly and effectively to any unexpected challenges. Proper preperation prevents poor performance. BOOM!


The dust has settled. The users have come.   Fortunately, due to all the preparation, planning, and validation we are successfully running on our newly deployed Network. However, there are options for ongoing Network support. 

in-house network manaegment

In-house network management is overseen by the customer's internal IT staff. Any moves, adds or changes are processed by the customer's IT staff, not LookingPoint. While in-house management can be a great option, for many companies, it is not easy or cost effective.

lookingpoint on demand support

On Demand provides you reactive support when you need it. LookingPoint acts as an extension of your IT staff through support requests we consider incidents. This level of support is ideal when your in-house IT primarily manages your Network, but needs expert help on demand. We provide this support 24x7x365.
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LookingPoint Complete Network Support

LookingPoint Complete support provides both proactive and reactive Network support. LookingPoint actively monitors and manages your infrastructure. This level of support is ideal when your in-house IT is better leveraged focused on applications that drive your business. Let LookignPoint take care of the plumbing, while your IT staff focuses on improving your business.
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