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Intelligent Perspective for Growing Points of Access

In this age of digitization, we are seeing increased opportunities for hackers, and increased visibility into your network is more essential to securing it than ever before. Seeing into all traffic flows, applications, users, and devices that are known and unknown is critical to determine whether there may be anomalous behavior occurring on your network. In the past when a corporate device left the network employees had to VPN back in to gain access, which caused a back-haul of all remote traffic to one corporate security center, and loss of efficiency. New technologies better network visibility and security analytics for faster incident response without compromising efficiency.

The most dangerous threat is the one you can't see

Our network visibility solutions provide visibility across the network, data center, branch offices, and cloud, and can help make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure. Advanced security analytics uncover stealthy attacks on the extended network. It takes most organizations between 100 and 200 days to detect a threat in their network. We can minimize that to 13 hours.
  • 76% of IT professionals say visibility is biggest challenge
  • 97% of organizations believe in network monitoring. The average total cost of a single data breach is $4 million
  • Large companies spend $15 million on average on network security

Benefits of Security Visibility

When deploying network visibility solutions you need someone experienced to guide you through the journey. LookingPoint has experience navigating the rich features and capabilities of network visibility and security software and technologies. We will evaluate your business requirements and translate them into a solution that works best for you. Our solution architects have the training and experience needed to successfully guide you through a seamless deployment.
  • Gain Visibility - Visibility across all network conversations to detect both internal and external threats
  • Advanced Security Analytics - Obtain in-depth context to detect a wide range of anomalous behaviors that may signify an attack
  • Accelerate Threat Protection - Accelerate and improve incident response, and forensics across the entire network
  • Audit History - Enable deeper forensic investigations with audit histories of network activity
  • Simplify Compliance - Compliance is made easy with network segmentation, performance monitoring, and capacity planning
  • Wide Range Detection - Analyse network telemetry to establish behavioral baseline and automatically alarm an anomalies

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