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Wired Network

The Foundation for All Digital Services
The network is the foundation from which we build our digital lives. Similar to the plumbing in a building, networks, like pipes, make business connectivity effortless. Additional services, such as voice, video and security, are built on top of this foundation.
As a business, you rely on your network to deliver the content that matters to you securely and expediently.

Benefits of Wired Network

LookingPoint's expert engineering staff understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to designing Network infrastructure, and that every business has a unique requirements. Our solution architects focus on aligning the network design to meet your business requirements.
  • Fast IT - Multi speed ports and investment protection, up to 100 Gbps. Meeting the demands of today, while positioning your business for the future
  • Increased Security - Leveraging your network to enforce and monitor your application traffic, enabling 5X the visibility
  • Hybrid-Cloud - 50% higher network utilization with IP based storage means more bandwidth in the data center
  • Internet of Things - With more than 50 billion devices connecting to the Internet by 2020 you will need a network platform that sets you up for success

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