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May 10
Keeping Up with Evolving Education
Posted by Eden Reid

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we wanted to recognize the ways technology can improve. According to an EDUCAUSE Research Snapshot, 78% of students agree that technology contributes to the successful completion of their courses. For educators implementing new technology can be met with a lot of resistance. Low budgets, lack of resources, cyber threats, and a shortage of technical expertise can all stand in the way of providing students with the digital ready tools that help them successfully move through their coursework.

As technology becomes more integrated into our schools, they need a network that can provide the necessary foundation without driving up day-to-day operational and network management costs. Automation and centralized network management help IT teams roll out and update networks faster and improve end-user experiences. Implementing a network with policy-based automation simplifies network deployment and management across hundreds of devices and sites.

Today’s students are hyper-connected and want to be empowered to learn from anywhere. Today’s collaboration technologies eliminate the traditional constraints of the classroom and make learning more accessible for students. Implementing some easy-to-use collaboration technologies in the classroom can accelerate the speed of learning without compromising security or efficiency. Digital learning technologies help educators reach more students, increase access to resources, and help students learn material before, during, and after class.

As we integrate more technology into education, the risk of cyber-attacks increases. Today, education institutions need security protocols more than ever. A network breach today is no longer merely an inconvenience, it can derail operations, disrupt networks when they’re needed the most, and threaten your school district’s reputation and even funding. It is the responsibility of educators and IT teams to take action to reduce the risk of cyber threats and keep students, staff, and data secure both on and off campus. Embedding security network-wide in real-time allows IT teams to detect and contain threats faster. Technology doesn’t just protect from cyber threats, it also helps to keep campuses more secure. Cisco Meraki MV security cameras are easy to deploy and help keep students safer with proactive threat detection.


Education is changing. Classrooms are connected, educators are collaborating, and administrators are more informed than ever before. Information is at our fingertips anytime we need it. Students are empowered to learn and from anywhere – on any device and teachers and researchers are innovating faster every day. Today’s schools, colleges and universities need the right digital tools to keep up with these rapid changes.

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Written By: Eden Reid, LookingPoint Marketing Manager

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