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Jan 2
2019 IT Kickoff  Checklist
Posted by Sean Barr

Santa’s done with his list, now it's time for IT’s! We are reminded throughout the year to check our technology hardware and our different policies. Our software systems remind us to update our passwords and even force us to if we go too long without it. Software licenses renew and if any of our technology is outdated our technology partners help us to update our environment. But, what about the things we may not think to check or push to the back-burner because something more important comes up? 

The start of a new year is a great time to review those items you may never find time to check. Here is a list of a few things that may get you back into your groove after the long holiday. Some of these items may be a quick check while others could require a project, however now is the best time to evaluate what may be important for your business this year. We hope this gets you pumped up to tackle the new year and start with a bang!


  • Check UPS systems and Batteries
    • Ensure the batteries do not need replacement
    • Validate management interface is configured.
    • Validate alerting emails are functioning
    • If you have managed PDU’s its good to check the load is evenly distributed and they management interfaces are functioning
  • Check Facility Sensors
    • Ensure temperature sensors are operational and management is working
    • Validate alerting emails are functioning properly
    • If you have flood sensors, or airflow sensors those are great to check as well.
  • A/C Filters
    • Most data centers have facility schedules, however in smaller closets this may be something that is missed so it’s a good time to check.
  • Network Patch Panel
    • The dreaded patch panel! It’s a great time to look for disconnected cables and fish them out. When you are troubleshooting later you will be glad the patch cables are clean.
    • If there is any cabling clean-up maybe you tackle it too!

Network Hardware

  • Support Coverage
    • Validate your core infrastructure contracts are up to date and covered. The validation can be quick but getting renewals processed can be a timely exercise, but better to know now than during an outage.
  • Power Supplies
    • Validate all power supplies are connected and are distributed across PDU’s


  • UPS’s
    • Check the management firmware and if it can be updated.
  • Sensors
    • Check to see if there is new sensor firmware
  • Network Hardware
    • This is big project, but now is a good time to road map out an OS upgrade for all network infrastructure. Every 18 months its good to update code just to stay current, for critical security updates we recommend doing this as needed to ensure security.


  • Ensure you have device configuration backups running
  • Update local passwords for sensors and appliances not authenticated centrally

Checking your technology hardware, software, firmware, configurations and facilities now will give you a head start for the year . The time you invest now to check your environment will help safeguard against evolving threats and minimize the likeliness of unexpected technology outages or expenditures. Cheers to starting the year off right and to a successful 2019! 

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