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Dec 20
LookingPoint's 12 Days of Tech-mas
Posted by Eden Penman

On the first day of Christmas LookingPoint delivered me, a best practice network design. 

On the second day of Christmas LookingPoint deployed for for me, Cisco ISE to improve security.

On the third day of Christmas an attempt to impersonate an employee....ISE prevented damage thank you LookingPoint for protecting me.

ISE VIsibility Metrics Image.png

On the fourth day of Christmas, needing further clarity, Cisco Umbrella deployed ubiquitously.

On the fifth day of Christmas, running near capacity, LookingPoint fills my data center needs.

On the sixth day of Christmas, IOPS needs are spiking, time to buy an all flash array.

Cost Benefit - Latency - Work.png

On the seventh day of Christmas, a server got corrupt, restored with a few clicks in Rubrik.

On the eighth day of Christmas, for growth, scale and security, an AWS VPC.

On the ninth day of Christmas, an AWS migration for shared responsibility.

Marshall AWS 2.pngOn the tenth day of Christmas, Cloudwatch to monitor AWS actively.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, thanks to the work so far, my network has reached a higher bar,

On the twelfth day of Christmas, LookingPoint gave to me, peace of mind and security.

2017 holiday.png

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