Maximize your time at Cisco Live!

The countdown begins for Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego! We are super excited to see all that Cisco will be presenting and introducing to us. We thought that we would give you our top picks of sessions to attend during this jam packed, awesome week!

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Protecting Your Network from Cryptojacking

We are experiencing the age of the “digital gold rush”. Cryptocurrency discussions are dominating conversations everywhere and we all know someone invested in some sort of crypto if we aren’t ourselves. Cryptocurrencies derive their value in part through the limitation of cryptocoins that can be created.  The potential return on cryptocurrencies makes cryptomining – the creation of cryptiocurrencies - highly attractive. This mining “consumes significant CPU resources and can severely impact system performance and power consumption” (Chromium Blog). The new cryptocurrency trend has brought to light a new network threat – illicit cryptomining in which outside users are infiltrating victims’ networks to utilize their computer resources.

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5 Technologies LookingPoint is Loving this Valentine's Day!

The day of love is upon us. Valentine's Day is a day most of us spend celebrating our loved ones. We buy cards, candy, and gifts for the special people in our lives - all in the name of love. This year we wanted to take some time on this day celebrating the technologies we love most. There are so many amazing technologies out there to choose from, but we somehow managed to pair the list down to the 5 technologies we love most right now!

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LookingPoint's 12 Days of Tech-mas

On the first day of Christmas LookingPoint delivered me, a best practice network design. 

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Cisco Umbrella Deployment Options

If you don’t have Cisco Umbrella (Formerly OpenDNS) in your environment yet, you should really take a look at it. I’ve had to support on-premise solutions for URL filtering in the past and in my opinion, there are no good ones. No matter the vendor, administration tasks are more complicated than they should be, and they always add a little complexity and more points of failure in the environment. I’ve seen it several times where the security/URL filtering appliance was only in-line when running on the primary ISP connection. Or a company will have redundant ISPs but ALL traffic goes through a single appliance, creating a single point of failure. I’ve even seen an appliance set to ‘fail-open’ that should pass traffic even if the device were dead, but failed to do so when needed. This article is more about the deployment of Cisco Umbrella in our environment, so I won’t go on with all the numerous other benefits of Umbrella, suffice it to say that I am a believer in the product, and it was an enormous improvement over our previous solution.

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In a layered security approach, Cisco Umbrella might become your favorite layer!

As threats become more sophisticated, organizations are responding by introducing layers of security that go beyond just securing your internet edge and deploying anti-virus on the desktops. A big challenge with this approach is managing the often disparate systems that make up these layers. Cisco has made huge strides to correct this with their software releases this year, but in reality, it still requires a trained team to monitor and manage these solutions. Leaner IT teams are desperately looking for an easy to manage tool with nice reporting that catches the vast majority of issues. After deploying and managing Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS) for customers and for LookingPoint internally, I really believe this is the tool that will get the most use and provide the highest overall value for your security dollar.

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