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Mar 3
New Innovative Updates to Cisco's Webex Platform
Posted by Sean Barr

Cisco recently announced a bunch of new innovations in Webex that are focused to help organizations collaborate seamlessly and transform their employee and customer experiences. Let's check out what they have updated and improved upon! 

The All New Webex
The all new Webex available today, provides a single secure place for connecting and getting things done: call, meet and message in one app. New features are being added across all modes, and the app includes our unique, real-time presence capability, so you always know who is available.

What's new in meetings:

In the app today

Cisco WebexOne Updates
  • Noise cancellation and speech enhancement
  • Transcriptions and closed captioning
  • Highlights and action items
  • Enhanced video layouts
  • Webex Huddle


Coming soon

Cisco WebexOne Updates

  • In-meeting gestures
  • Immersive sharing
  • Real-time translation
  • Save and share meeting artifacts
  • Really big meetings
  • Meeting templates


What's new in messaging:

  • No more looking for key projects and people
  • No more missed messages
  • No more missed meetings


What's new in calling:

  • Webex calling interactive voice response and video on hold
  • Easily escalate a phone call to a Webex meeting
  • New ways to buy


What's new in analytics:

  • For individuals, People Insights can highlight trends that go beyond your Outlook calendar including when your days typically start and stop, time spent on video calls and more.
  • For teams, you can visualize, in aggregate, team interaction patterns within Webex to ensure your team is building and maintaining the right communication patterns and relationships to be effective. The tool can also inform strategy to ensure more inclusion across a team.


The All New Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center

  • Now businesses of all sizes (even with the smallest of contact centers) can have the robustness of a cloud contact center with thousands of agents on day one.
  • A next-generation microservices architecture enables rapid feature innovation while open APIs allow for easy customization.
  • Customers benefit from a digital-first experience and can now connect their way – whether chat, email, voice and now text and social.
  • New AI-powered voice and chat bots can answer the easy questions and route the tricky ones to contact center agents, with all the related background served up so customers won’t have to repeat themselves.
  • Agents will no longer be blindsided by customer sentiment now that Webex Experience Management is integrated with Webex Contact Center.


Check out the in-depth blog post from Cisco on the new Webex updates here.

As always if you have any questions on getting Cisco Webex set up for you and your business and would like to schedule a free consultation with us, please reach out to us at sales@lookingpoint.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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Written By:

Sean Barr, President

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