5 Key Components to Successful Project Management

Project Management has many highs and lows; often times with unexpected twists and turns, yet even with all the uncertainty accompanying a typical project, with the focus and the right skills, you can help steer your project to success.  Being an effective project manager enables you to utilize your skills to be a problem solving and creative leader where you can foster synergy within a team to accomplish great feats. As the project manager you are the face of the project and how you present yourself and manage your team will have a huge impact on whether you succeed or fail.  By definition, each project is unique, but it’s not difficult to find commonalities woven throughout all projects.  Mastering these specific aspects of a project, can set the stage for successful projects moving forward.

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Why You Should Reconsider Avaya


Avaya has been a leader in the Business Communications market for the greater portion of the last 16 years, however 2016 has reflected multiple warning signs of serious vulnerability. In February 2016 Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Avaya from a B3 credit rating to a Caa1 rating (moving them from the “high risk” bracket to the “very high risk” bracket). Moody’s also downgraded Avaya’s probability of default rating from B3-PD to Caa1-PD and its second lien notice from Caa2 to Caa1.

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