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Jul 25
We started a PODCAST!
Posted by Bridget Mckenzie

Well.. we did it. We started a podcast! LookingPoint is here to introduce our podcast:

IT in the Bay Podcast


We Are Starting a PODCAST

Why did we start a podcast you ask:

  1. Because it is super cool and fun 
  2. We want to provide YOU access to information about all things Enterprise IT
  3. Circle back to reason 1 :)

IT in the Bay will be featuring some of your favorite bloggers! We will have Dominc Zeni talking ISE, Chris Marshall chatting all things SD-WAN, and many more IT professionals! 

Check it out and, take a listen, we would love to hear what you think! Please feel free to share and subscribe and leave a comment below on anything you would like us to cover in upcoming episodes. 

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