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Mar 13
Cisco Webex One Key Announcements
Posted by Freddy Tabet

Another year and another Webex One event! This event was promised to have the most innovative announcements and by the looks of it, Webex could be on its way to be the most feature UCaaS product out there.

We will go over the key announcements in this article and what’s refreshing about these announcements is that Webex isn’t creating feature for the niche people out there, they are reinventing Video conferencing by introducing a new AI Codec and a Super Resolution Video!


1. The first big announcement is that Webex Calling now has more than 13 million users. Almost double the number of users announced last year (7 million users). Keep your eyes open if we’re going to see that number reach 20 million next year!

2. It is also worth mentioning that Webex has bundled all its offering into one subscription. You get Messaging, Meeting, Calling, Whiteboard, Async Video, Events, Training, Support, Webinars, Webex Assistant, Polling/Q&A, Cloud Device registration in a one single subscription license called the Webex Suite License.

3. It was also announced that there will be an all-new AI Webex Assistant across the board. Webex Assistant for Messaging, Meeting, and Control Hub. What could this AI Webex Assistant do?

  • Suppose you’re in a meeting, and had to step away, the assistant will automatically mute the microphone and stop the video.

  • It will also update your video with a Be Right Back icon (coffee logo)
  • When you return, the assistant through the camera will bring the video back and unmute the mic. The assistant will ask you if you want to catch up on what happened during your time away.

  • If you select view, it will show you a transcript of what was discussed that includes everyone’s reactions and actions. You can ask the assistant if your name was mentioned or if any decisions or discussions took place in your absence.

  • Even if you missed the whole meeting, you can still get access to the transcripts and ask the assistant questions on what occurred during the meeting.

4. What is being hailed as a breakthrough is the new AI Audio Codec.

  • This will make audio packet loss obsolete.

  • You can achieve excellent speech quality with a lot less BW. Even on 1 kbps.

  • Requiring less BW for audio, introduced the opportunity to attach a stub of the previous audio frame for redundancy. Let’s say one audio packet got dropped, this packet can be reproduced by using the stub that was attached to a subsequent packet.

  • Many subsequent frames got dropped? AI can generate the missing speech. Using AI codec , you have very good speech quality even during 80-90% packet drop!

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Written By:

Freddy Tabet, Network Engineer

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