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Cisco leads the word in Corporate on premises telephony and collaboration solutions. For the past couple of years its trying to mimic this offering via its cloud services and Webex Calling. Webex Calling has been maturing pretty quickly and billions of dollars of investments result in new features and expansions on a weekly basis.

In this blog, we will go over some of their latest features and...

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Whether you’re migrating from On Prem Call Manager to WebEx Calling, Spark to WebEx Calling or just have some old phones you want to add to your WebEx Calling Deployment; you will need to convert your phones from their Enterprise Firmware to the cloud supported MPP firmware.

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Hoteling is bringing Extension Mobility (Call Manager realm) to the cloud-based WebEx Calling solution. It allows a user to pick any phone and login to it using their extension and voicemail pin number.

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WebEx Calling is Cisco’s Enterprise Cloud based calling solution. It allows companies to have their phones registered to Cisco’s cloud and it provides a rich set of features including an interface to the PSTN.

WebEx Calling is full of features designed to make communication easier, richer, and more efficient. Basically, get more out of your phone system.

The topic today is Auto Attendant, Queues...

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If you have an Expressway Deployment in your network, whether its for Mobile & Remote Access or Business to Business calling, chances are you’re receiving hundreds of spam calls per week. To find out if you’re receiving spam calls, a simple check on your call history should reveal that.

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Video conferencing was becoming the new norm even pre-covid. However, the pandemic did accelerate many businesses’ adoption of this technology. In this section, I will go over a deployment that will enable your on-prem Cisco video endpoints to dial other video endpoints registered to remote companies and dial into a Cisco Webex Meeting Room.

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Cisco wants you to move your collaboration deployment to the cloud. Why? Because it makes sense.

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