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Jun 23
Redefining the Network for Success Today and in the Future
Posted by Eden Penman

Many refer to the digital revolution as the industrial revolution of the 21st century. Technology has become fundamentally integrated to all aspects of our society as it impacts all aspects of business and society today. The network is the foundation from which we have built our digital lives. As a business, you rely on your network to function securely and expediently, and in the age of digital transformation the network has never been more paramount to business success. This week Cisco is making history, and laying the foundation for the network of today’s world, and tomorrow’s.

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This week Cisco unveiled their new Digital Network Architecture (DNA), which they are calling “intent-based networking”. This new network is focused on business outcomes and how quickly and efficiently businesses achieve these outcomes. It has been rebuilt from the ground up and removes the complexity of the traditional, time-intensive manual approach, introducing one that is automated, intelligent, and highly secure. With an automated network, you can connect billions of devices, identify them almost instantly, know what’s trustworthy and what isn’t, and draw exponential value from the connections – and you can do it in hours instead of weeks and months.

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With over 8.4 billion devices connected today [Gartner] and expected exponential growth in online devices - from 15B today to an expected 500B by 2030 – it is essential for customers to have a flexible network capable of evolving to meet their business needs. Application security and visibility has taken center stage for businesses and solution providers in 2017. Cisco designed a single-platform network, covering all devices across the entire enterprise access network with security built-in.

Cisco’s new network provides some great benefits for customers:

Network automation: customers can fully automate the network infrastructure with Software-Defined Access, and can easily set and apply policies across the entire network.

Advanced analytics: device, application, and user data is collected by the network allowing customers to predict issues before they happen through predictive intelligence.

Data security: newly developed Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) is a self-protecting network that can identify encrypted malware anywhere on the network.

Software-based subscription licensing: customers can purchase only what they need and can now leverage flexible network consumption.

To support the new network Cisco also developed a command center, DNA-Center. DNA-Center is where policies are defined and automatically configured and implemented across each individual switch, router, and wireless access point that make up the enterprise access network. This new command center provides a central dashboard where customers can define business intent and carry out policy, eliminating the manual task of separate configurations for each part of the network.

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In the age of digital transformation, it is essential to build technology that is intuitive and capable of evolving over time. Today’s businesses are built on the network, and Cisco is providing a strong foundation for success today and in the future. CEO Chuck Robbins' vision with this new network is to enable businesses to bring greater value with a secure and intelligent platform. Robbins “believe[s] this foundation will serve as the basis for how our customers will reinvent their futures".

Written By: Eden Penman, LookingPoint Marketing Manager

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