Cisco Live 2018: Day 1 Recap

Today kicked off day one of Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, FL! The day was filled with a keynote, breakout sessions, Innovation Showcases, and of course the World of Solutions. Here are our top takeaways from Cisco Live Day 1.

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How Optimized is your Network? Maybe it’s time for a Network Assessment

You have been working as a network administrator for your company for a few years now. In that time you have been asked to complete a handful of network projects; a new office turn up here, replace some switches or a router there. The whole time you work from old templates or, in the case of replacement gear, just copy and paste the old config. Have you ever really stepped back and looked at the network as a whole, or more importantly do you have time?

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Redefining the Network for Success Today and in the Future

Many refer to the digital revolution as the industrial revolution of the 21st century. Technology has become fundamentally integrated to all aspects of our society as it impacts all aspects of business and society today. The network is the foundation from which we have built our digital lives. As a business, you rely on your network to function securely and expediently, and in the age of digital transformation the network has never been more paramount to business success. This week Cisco is making history, and laying the foundation for the network of today’s world, and tomorrow’s.

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The Value of Application Security and Visibility

Today more and more businesses are focused on application security and visibility. With expected exponential growth in online devices - from 15B today to an expected 500B by 2030, securing those devices has never been more important. Today’s rapidly evolving business models reflect trends like hybrid cloud, mobility and BYOD, meaning the traditional network perimeter has largely dissolved. The ability to protect the endpoint and the extended network is an increasing necessity.

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Cisco Identity Services Engine -802.1x Authentication-

Network security is often delegated to singular devices within the network. For instance, you might allow unfettered access for all endpoints within the core of your corporate network and enforce the access policy at the edge firewall. For your wireless users, you might choose to enforce a singular policy for all users allowing every wireless user access to HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, and Telnet and implementing this policy at the access point (autonomous mode) or at the Wireless LAN Controller (lightweight mode). This “one-size-fits-all” approach is not the ideal way to implement network security.

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Network Security for the Modern Workforce

Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce are focused more and more on enabling the mobile workforce, and why should security be any different? Today’s workforce is digitizing rapidly with more and more companies’ business model reflecting trends like mobility and “bring your own device”. The exponential growth of online devices is expected to grow from 15B today to 500B by 2030. With increased digitization comes security advancements and an increased need for networks security.

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Access Control List Optimization: Common Mistakes When Deploying an ACL

Currently I am working on a project where I am going through and optimizing a large set of Access Control Lists (ACL) on a set of 5585 Firewalls.  While going through each ACL I have noticed a few mistakes other engineers have made while configuring these rules.  I have compiled a list of these common mistakes.  The focus of this blog will be around ACLs on Cisco ASA’s; however these rules still apply to other devices as well.

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Fireside Chat: SD-WAN

Enjoy the first Fireside Chat. Fireside Chats are a LookingPoint video series where we bring casual technology conversations to you! This week we are discussing one of the hottest topics of 2017: SD-WAN. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice fireside chat. 

Learn more about SD-WAN here.

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What is SD-WAN and What can it do for my Network?

The title to this blog is a question that I have been hearing a lot from customers in the last few months. With Gartner’s recent prediction that spending on SD-WAN will rise from $129 million in 2016 to $1.24 billion in 2020,  I figured it’s about time I write up a little blog article all about this latest offering to revolutionize the enterprise WAN, or perhaps not!

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