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Jul 28
New Cisco Unified Communications Manager Warning
Posted by Jeremy Worden

Recently I noticed a new warning message on one of our CUCM 14 lab clusters. It showed up after we had a power outage. Unfortunately, this server did not have a secondary power supply or a connection to a UPS, so it experienced an ungraceful shutdown. The warning stated the following:

New Cisco Unified Communications Manager Warning

WARNING: Ungraceful shutdown detected - A rebuild of this node is highly recommended to ensure no negative impact (such as configuration or file system corruption). For rebuild instructions, see the installation guide.

After doing some research it appears that this warning messages was added in version 12.5.1 SU4 and newer versions. Currently there is no way to clear the message, although there is a request (CSCvy68211) for a tool to check the database after receiving the message. It’s also unclear if Cisco TAC will support the server going forward if the message appears.

Lastly if you are unsure how to properly shutdown your server here are the two methods:

  • Run the command utils system shutdown from the CLI



  • From Cisco Unified OS Administration GUI, choose Settings > Version.           Then perform one of the following actions:
  •   -Click Shutdown to stop all processes and shut down the system.
  •   -Click Restart to stop all processes and restart the system.


If you have received this error and would like help figuring out what to do next, please contact use at sales@lookingpoint.com. Or if would like to completely avoid it, talk to us about an UPS solution. Thanks!

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Written By:

Jeremy Worden, Senior Unified Communications Engineer

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