Fireside Chat: Future of IT Engineers Roundtable

In this Fireside Chat, CEO- Sean Barr, sat down with a few of our engineers to discuss what today's rapidly advancing technologies mean for the IT industry and the skill sets IT teams will need as we look into the future of IT

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Looking at the Future of IT

Technology advances more rapidly today than ever before. We are hearing more and more tech companies integrating artificial intelligence and virtual or augmented reality into their platforms and products. The exponential growth in cloud computing is drives demand for flexible or “pay as you go” consumption models. As technology becomes more advanced and user-friendly it is becoming integrated into every aspect of our lives. As we integrate technology more and more into our business, there is an increased need for cybersecurity and data availability. But what does this all mean for the IT industry and the skill sets our IT teams will need as we look into the future of IT?

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Meraki Insight

Cisco Meraki provides cloud managed networking solutions designed to simplify powerful network technology. Meraki products are simple, scalable, out-of-the-box solutions with single-pane-of-glass network management, allowing users to easily manage their complex networks all over the world from one central location.

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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

I have recently been working with a customer on designing and building out a new Data Center. This task is something that is not as common as it once was, with many of our customers adopting a cloud first methodology (AWS, Azure etc.) when it comes time for a DC refresh. Since it’s a been a while since I have dived into DC technology I figured it was about time that I take another look at Cisco SDN data center offering ACI. Below are some notes that I have made while researching this solution.

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Application Performance Troubleshooting

I was recently called in to assist a customer with identifying the cause of slow performance for an application within their environment. I don’t know about you but I love a good networking who done it, so I could not resist accepting the case. The following blog post documents my experience and findings while working this investigation that will from here on out be known as the “The Case of the Slow TCP Retransmissions”.

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