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Endpoint Captive Portal Detection - Why?

This blog assumes that you have a general understanding of ISE Central Web Authentication. Endpoint Captive Portal Detection plays a critical role in improving the end-user experience when connecting to a captive portal protected WiFi network, such as an ISE CWA protected WiFi network. The captive portal detection brings to the attention of the user that...

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Hi People, welcome to another exciting edition of my blog. Today I will be covering IOS best practices (some of them at least). While these will be specific to Cisco IOS they’re also applicable to other types of Cisco devices. You’ll also find many of these best practices are also seen on IOS-XE/NX-OS platforms, however the syntax may differ (please verify before attempting to apply).

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With the explosion of wireless technology we have experienced in the last few years, wireless networks are being asked to handled more and more demanding traffic. Between laptops, cell phones, and wireless IoT devices, the importance of having your wireless infrastructure optimized has never been greater.

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Sep 25

Wireless networking is now considered a must have in nearly all industries. It’s no surprise I get a lot of comments from clients who believe they are experiencing wireless trouble in some form or fashion. They aren’t sure if it’s related to wireless controller configuration, AP placement, coverage gaps, interference, or even client machine problems. Even though Wi-Fi is nearly as prevalent as...

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