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Project Manager: “We need to give them access to our network.”

IT Security: “No.”

Project Manager: “We really need to give them access to our network.”

IT Security: “Still no.”

Project Manager: “C’mon, pleeease??”

IT Security: “Ok fine. But we’ll need to assess their computer for vulnerabilities.”

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It’s been a while, but we’re finally back to close this blog series on Cisco TrustSec (CTS). If you haven’t yet, go check out the other entries in this series.

Learn what Cisco TrustSec is and why we care here.

Dip your toes into the components involved here.

Begin your Cisco TrustSec classification journey here.

Propagate yourself over here to learn about Cisco TrustSec propagation.

Now that...

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Welcome back! In this blog we’re going to continue where we left off in the last entry where we looked at using Microsoft Intune to provision the native wired 802.1x supplicant on Windows 10. This time, we shift our focus to the wireless 802.1x supplicant. If you missed that one, be sure to check it out! OK! Let’s go!

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Welcome back! In this blog we’re going to take a detour from our TrustSec series to introduce some modern endpoint management techniques in Microsoft Intune. Almost every customer we are working with is starting the journey to modern endpoint management with Microsoft Intune. As the functionality of Azure AD + Intune continues to mature, that once far away thought of shutting down those Microsoft...

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It’s that time! Get up-to-date! In this entry we will be covering a MAJOR upgrade of a two-node ISE deployment from version 2.4 to version 3.0! Before you attempt this in your environment, read all the release notes in order to confirm your unique path and requirements! Good, let’s go!

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Chooo Chooo!  The TrustSec Trains keeps rolling down the tracks in this latest entry.  We’ve made stops along the way to tell you what TrustSec is, to give you a primer to TrustSec, to dig into the TrustSec classification, and now we move on to TrustSec Propagation!  Right, so let’s go*! 

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Having fun yet? Yeah? Well hold on to your hat because in this entry we’re going to dig into CTS classification!! Let’s try that again with a little more alliteration. Today we’re collapsing all of our coverage so as to claw at and climb into every crevice of CTS classification! Right, so let’s go*!

*If this is the first entry you are reading in this series on CTS or you don’t know what CTS...

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Welcome back!  In our previous entry on Cisco TrustSec (CTS) we answered the question of why CTS is needed in the first place.  Now that we understand why we need it; we need to understand how to do it!  So how do you do it?  In short, first you classify, then you propagate, and finally enforce.  In this entry to our ISE blog series we are going to cover some baseline context on all three of...

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As promised, in this entry to our ISE blog series we are going to begin our adventure into Cisco TrustSec, or CTS for short.  When I am approaching a new technology, I find it helpful to not only understand what it is, but also why it exists.  So, in this post, we’re going to attempt to cover just that; what is Cisco TrustSec and why do I care?

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In our previous entries to this series, we’ve deployed ISE, integrated it with Microsoft AD, and configured the ISE server-side certificates.  All of that being completed, we are now ready to configure our Policy Set for 802.1X and test it out.

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