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Jan 11
Assigning User’s/Workspace's to Hunt Group’s in Webex Control Hub
Posted by William Panameno

Hey there! Today we will be looking at how we assign a user or Workspace, to a specific Hunt Group in our Webex Control Hub environment, in just a few simple steps. Cisco does a great job of streamlining these Move’s, Add’s or Changes in the Control Hub, by providing us with very user friendly GUI. If this is your first time, no worries, you’ll learn your way around in no time. Let’s dive in and allow me to show you how easy it is to complete this task.


1. The first thing we want to do, is log in to our Webex Control Hub. Once you log in to the Webex Control Hub, you will see an overview of the dashboard. On the left-hand pane, towards the bottom, click on “Calling”, as seen in the screenshot below. This will take us to the call settings.

2. In the call settings page, you will see a list of all the phone numbers in your system, as well as the location, extension numbers, who the number is assigned to, and if the number is active/inactive. At the top, you will see tabs such as “Numbers”, “Location”, etc. Click on the “Features” tab.

If you look at the “Sub-tabs” right below, to the far right, after clicking on Features, you will see the “Hunt Group” tab, let’s click on that.


3. We are now in the Hunt Group dashboard. For security purposes, I have only included the names of the columns in the screenshot below, but here, you will see a list of information like “Hunt Group Name”, “Location”, and extension information as well.

In the search box on the left-hand side, as seen in the screenshot, you will need to search for the Hunt Group you want to assign your user/workspace to. If the Hunt Group exists, it will auto-populate. Once the Hunt Group name shows, select it.

4. Ok, so now that you have selected the Hunt Group of choice, you will see an overview page. Here, you have several options to choose from, each pertaining to different calling features available for this Hunt Group. The one we are interested in today is, “Agents”. Click on “Agents”.


5. We are now on the “Agents” overview page. All we have to do here is, simply search for the user or workspace we want added to this particular Hunt Group. If the user/workspace exists, you will see it auto-populate in the drop-down menu once you start typing the name.

To search, you can either enter the phone number, last four of the extension, username OR workspace name.


Once the user shows up, click it, and you will then see the user/workspace, has been added to the list, usually the very last “agent” at the bottom of the list.

You will also see a blue “Save” button pop up on the top right-hand corner of the page. Please MAKE SURE to click that Save button or your work will not be complete.


And just like that, In a few simple steps, you have added a user/workspace to a Hunt Group. Congratulations!

As always, if you have any questions on Webex Calling and would like to schedule a free consultation with us, please reach out to us at sales@lookingpoint.com and we’ll be happy to help!



Thank you!

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Written By:

Will Panameno, Network Engineer

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