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Aug 2
Firepower Migration Tool
Posted by Rick Wong


Platform requirements

The migration tool requires the following to run:

  • Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13 or higher
  • Google Chrome



Here are the limitations of the migration tool:

The following configuration are not migrated because it is not supported by the FTD:
    • Route based VPNs are not support by FTD.
    • Local user accounts.
    • Nested object-groups.


The following configuration are not migrated and requires manual configuration after the migration:
    • VPNs: Anyconnect client vpn or site-to-site vpn
    • Dynamic routing
    • IP SLAs and tracking
    • Device specific configurations such as snmp, syslog, netflow, radius, tacacs, ldap, etc

      ASA version needs to be 8.4 and higher.


Migration Process

  1. Download the migration tool for the desired platform from cisco.com using a CCO account.
    Firepower Migration Tool
  2. Run the executable
    Firepower Migration Tool
    Note: Do not close the cmd window.  Closing this window will exit the migration tool.Firepower Migration Tool
  3. Login with a CCO account to share statistics with Cisco or use the local default account to login

    Default local account:

    Username: admin

    Password: Admin123

  4. Select a source for the migration.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  5. Select manual upload of the configuration or connect to  ASA as the source of the configuration.

    Firepower Migration Tool

    The migration will parse the data from the ASA configuration.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  6. Connect to the FMC where the FTDs are registered. You can still use the tool if there are no FTDs registered.  Interfaces and routes will not be migrated if no FTD is present.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  7. Select a target FTD to apply the migrated configuration. If no FTD devices are registered with the FMC, interfaces and routes will not be migrated.  

    Firepower Migration Tool
  8. Select the features to be migrated and start the conversion.

    Firepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration Tool
  9. Download and review the pre-migration report.

    Firepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration Tool
  10. Map the ASA interfaces and to FTD interfaces and security zones. This section only applies if an FTD is the target device from step 7.

    Firepower Migration Tool

    If no FTD target device is selected the Map FTD Interface option is not available.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  11. Review and validate the migrated configuration. Any errors reported during validation will need to be corrected before proceeding.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  12. Push the configuration to the FMC after successful validation.

    Firepower Migration ToolFirepower Migration Tool
  13. Download and review the migration report after the migration is complete.

    Firepower Migration Tool
  14. Login to the FMC. NATs, ACLs and Objects are now populated by the migration tool.

Firepower Migration Tool

Firepower Migration Tool

Firepower Migration Tool


As always if you have any questions on getting Cisco's Firepower set up for you and your business and would like to schedule a free consultation with us, please reach out to us at sales@lookingpoint.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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Written By:

Rick Wong, Principal Network Architect

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