Meraki SD-WAN

If you have Meraki MX security appliances chances are that you have seen the SD-WAN & traffic shaping option in the Meraki dashboard menu.   Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can dynamically optimize your WAN without having to make manual adjustments when network conditions change.  In a network with redundant uplinks if one uplink becomes degraded, SD-WAN allows the network to dynamically select the best path to the destination.   This is especially important for latency sensitive services such voip and video.   Meraki’s philosophy has always been about simplicity and their SD-WAN solution is no different.

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Zero Trust Network Security

What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust is a framework and attitude towards IT security that centers on the idea that we in the IT field cannot trust anyone or any device on our network. Many systems administrators are well versed in this model. Every employee is assigned a domain joined laptop that is locked down via Group Policy. Those employees are tracked via a user identity using their AD profile that, through security groups, either allow or restrict access to various IT assets (servers, printers, wireless, and/or client VPN). Accounting is enabled to track what the users are accessing and used in the event of a malicious attack to see where the attack originated and who preformed the attack.

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Cisco Released Critical VPN Vulnerability Advisory

Cisco released the below critical security advisory yesterday regarding a vulnerability in the SSL VPN functionality of Cisco ASA software. Contact us if you have questions or would like help with the remediation of this vulnerability. 

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Cisco Umbrella Deployment Options

If you don’t have Cisco Umbrella (Formerly OpenDNS) in your environment yet, you should really take a look at it. I’ve had to support on-premise solutions for URL filtering in the past and in my opinion, there are no good ones. No matter the vendor, administration tasks are more complicated than they should be, and they always add a little complexity and more points of failure in the environment. I’ve seen it several times where the security/URL filtering appliance was only in-line when running on the primary ISP connection. Or a company will have redundant ISPs but ALL traffic goes through a single appliance, creating a single point of failure. I’ve even seen an appliance set to ‘fail-open’ that should pass traffic even if the device were dead, but failed to do so when needed. This article is more about the deployment of Cisco Umbrella in our environment, so I won’t go on with all the numerous other benefits of Umbrella, suffice it to say that I am a believer in the product, and it was an enormous improvement over our previous solution.

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Fireside Chat: Network Security and Visibility

Fireside Chats are a LookingPoint video series where we bring casual technology conversations to you! In this chat we are discussing a topic that many of our customers are talking about this year: Security and Network Visibility. Sit back, relax, and enjoy another fireside chat. 

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Network Security for the Modern Workforce

Collaboration solutions for the modern workforce are focused more and more on enabling the mobile workforce, and why should security be any different? Today’s workforce is digitizing rapidly with more and more companies’ business model reflecting trends like mobility and “bring your own device”. The exponential growth of online devices is expected to grow from 15B today to 500B by 2030. With increased digitization comes security advancements and an increased need for networks security.

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Are Your VPN’s Secure?

This weekend Cisco released a high severity Security Advisory confirming a vulnerability in its implementation of the IKEv1 protocol in products running Cisco’s IOS, IOS-XE and IOS-XR software.

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