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Data backup is a must in any organization big or small. Having backups in multiple remote locations means peace of mind to an admin, because he or she can rest assured their data is stored in a safe place should something catastrophic happen. Today we will be looking at how to configure remote backups for FMC, assuming you already have your remote storage location setup. Cisco best practice is to...

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Sometimes it is faster to just re-image the firepower module than to go through the step-by-step upgrade process where you must upgrade to the next release and then apply the all the updates. If the module is several releases behind than this process must be repeated several times.   Luckily, in certain scenarios this can be avoided by just re-imaging to the latest Cisco recommended release.  ...

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Hello world! Today I bring you a short, but informative nugget on how to successfully implement SNMP on your Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC). SNMP, at a very high level, is a UDP based protocol, using port 161, that is used to monitor communication between Network devices. This protocol is extremely helpful for Network Admins, as it not only gives you visibility of the traffic going...

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Hello World,

I was able to work on a feature that was introduced in version 6.1. This feature is High Availability for FMC. The version of FirePower Management Center that this work was done on was 6.7. Also, a few caveats or things we need to know for this integration to be successful. Directly from Cisco.

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May 20
FTD FlexConfig
Posted by Rick Wong

With the FTDs being managed by FMC everything is now configured via GUI. There is no longer the option of configuring via CLI like the ASAs. You can still access the CLI but Cisco does not officially support configuration using the CLI. Obviously, there are pros and cons to this. You no long need to remember syntax and which command does what. You just need to know how to navigate the GUI menus...

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Aug 2


Platform requirements

The migration tool requires the following to run:

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