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Stackwise Virtual is a Cisco virtualization technology that allows for two Catalyst 9500 switches to virtually form a single switch, not unlike VSS with other Catalyst platforms.   This reduces the spanning tree domain and allows for Multi-chassis Etherchanneling (MEC). It will enable the StackWise Virtual pair to form aggregated links to connected switches and devices that supports LAG.

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I was upgrading a Catalyst 3850 48 port switch from version 03.07.01E to version 16.12.07. I’ve done this upgrade quite a few times. Followed the Cisco upgrade procedures that you find online when you download your software file. I always have them open, or the command needed to start the upgrade process. Console access showed me that my switch after my reload ended up in ROMMON mode.

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You read that right! At Cisco Live this year they introduced the ability to add Catalyst switches to the Meraki dashboard. Finally a use for the unused DNA licenses! The switches are monitored in read-only mode, so you still need to manage the switches the old fashioned way, however Meraki's traffic analysis and troubleshooting tools are available for use. This is great for Catalyst owners who do...

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