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Understanding Switch Stacking

Switch stacking is a technology which will allow multiple switches to become a single logical switch. Which will allow you to manage them as a single switch. Cisco has Stackwise. Stackwise architecture allows stacking up to eight switches. Other Vendors has their own stacking technology which is similar. In this discussion, we are only going to go through adding a...

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Cisco Meraki firmware upgrades allow network administrators to utilize the latest features and security enhancements on Meraki devices. With MS Switches, you have an option to configure Staged Upgrade. Staged upgrade is only available for switches within the same network.

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What is it? Panorama is a centralized management system from Palo Alto Networks. Which of course manages Palo Alto Firewalls. It uses templates to push configuration to each or multiple firewalls. Which you probably already know if you got one. But the question is how it is being used.

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