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In the dynamic landscape of modern telecommunications, the role of a Collaboration Engineer is one filled with continuous evolution and challenges. Throughout the course of their career, these professionals often find themselves at the forefront of critical transitions within an organization's communication infrastructure.

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This will be the final installment in this NSLOOKUP Primer series. Last time, I talked about MX & SPF TXT records here, but I didn’t touch on DMARC & DKIM TXT records which are also highly encouraged to help add additional layers of security to your email domain.

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In my last nslookup blog, I talked about some basic DNS troubleshooting. If you missed it, here’s the link. This time, I wanted to dive in to how I use nslookup for email info gathering and troubleshooting.

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So there you are in front of your computer, you know you have internet access, you can ping, but your browser isn’t working, and when you try to ping google.com, the name is unable to resolve. You think to yourself “If only I had saved that blog article about nslookup locally, so I didn’t have to depend on the internet to get all that great info!”.

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Hello loyal LP blog cats. In this week’s quick post, I’m going to show you a tactic I use to ensure that you never lock yourself out while making changes to a Cisco router or switch configurations.

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