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Apr 20
Cisco RoomOS Fire Alarm Detection
Posted by Jeremy Worden

Cisco Webex Devices have added a feature that allows them will be able to detect T3 alarms. This feature allows customers to expand their building alarm system with visual symbols and information displayed on Webex devices. This visual addition for audible alarms could be particularly important for employees with hearing impairment or ones wearing noise cancelling headsets.

Today we’re going to build a basic macro that will detect an alarm and display an alert on screen as well as the Touch 10. You can customize the text with information like the current room, location, and nearest exit path. Other options could include showing a navigation window on screen with the correct exit path.


First, we’ll want to make sure macros are enabled on our device. Navigate to Settings > Configurations > Macros. Here we want to ensure that AutoStart and Mode are set to “On”.

Cisco RoomOS Fire Alarm Detection

After enabling macros we’ll navigate to our Macro Editor to create the macro. Select Macro Editor > Create new macro.


Paste in the following code (download available from Github):

Next, we’ll give our macro a name and enable it.

Cisco RoomOS Fire Alarm Detection

After enabling the macro, you should see information displayed in the console window verifying that it has been successfully enabled.

Cisco RoomOS Fire Alarm Detection

Now the macro will wait and listen for a change in the T3 alarm detection. If it detects an alarm, it will display an alert on screen.

Cisco RoomOS Fire Alarm Detection

The duration of the alert can be customized in the macro.

Hopefully this macro can help your business get the correct information to people in the event of an emergency! If you’d like to know more or need assistance setting it up, please reach out to our sales team at sales@lookingpoint.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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Written By:

Jeremy Worden, Senior Unified Communications Engineer

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