Cisco Released Critical VPN Vulnerability Advisory

Cisco released the below critical security advisory yesterday regarding a vulnerability in the SSL VPN functionality of Cisco ASA software. Contact us if you have questions or would like help with the remediation of this vulnerability. 

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URGENT NOTICE: Cisco Security Advisory cisco-sa-20170310-struts2

"On March 6, 2017, Apache disclosed a vulnerability in the Jakarta multipart parser of Apache Struts could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on an affected system. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-ID CVE-2017-5638. " (Cisco Security Advisory) 

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Cisco’s Clock Signal Component Issue

On February 2, 2017 Cisco announced a major issue affecting products from their routing, switching, security and server product lines. Reference Tables A through D below for a full list of affected products and part numbers.

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Are Your VPN’s Secure?

This weekend Cisco released a high severity Security Advisory confirming a vulnerability in its implementation of the IKEv1 protocol in products running Cisco’s IOS, IOS-XE and IOS-XR software.

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