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Chooo Chooo!  The TrustSec Trains keeps rolling down the tracks in this latest entry.  We’ve made stops along the way to tell you what TrustSec is, to give you a primer to TrustSec, to dig into the TrustSec classification, and now we move on to TrustSec Propagation!  Right, so let’s go*! 

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Having fun yet? Yeah? Well hold on to your hat because in this entry we’re going to dig into CTS classification!! Let’s try that again with a little more alliteration. Today we’re collapsing all of our coverage so as to claw at and climb into every crevice of CTS classification! Right, so let’s go*!

*If this is the first entry you are reading in this series on CTS or you don’t know what CTS...

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Welcome back!  In our previous entry on Cisco TrustSec (CTS) we answered the question of why CTS is needed in the first place.  Now that we understand why we need it; we need to understand how to do it!  So how do you do it?  In short, first you classify, then you propagate, and finally enforce. In this entry to our ISE blog series we are going to cover some baseline context on all three of these in...

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