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Hello everyone, today I’ll be going over how to upgrade your SD-WAN network or deployment. This guide includes how to upgrade devices such as, vManage, vSmart, vBond, and vEdge routers. All upgrades should be done during a maintenance window if you are doing this on a live production network.

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Cisco SD-WAN (formally Viptela) is quickly becoming the go to WAN solution for Cisco customers. As companies are looking to replace their aging DMVPN solution, Cisco SD-WAN has become the logical choice. Companies can stick with the same ISR platform running IOS-XE that they already know, and in some cases can upgrade their existing routers to work with SD-WAN. But this blog isn’t a sales pitch...

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Hello, my loyal blog post readers, in this my third installment of our SD-WAN series I am going to walk you through how our vEdge router locates, communicates and authenticates itself onto our SD-WAN fabric. Along the way we will take a look at a few packets captures and command line output to see what is going on under the hood.

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