More than a Rebrand: Team Collaboration Redesigned

“Everything we do is designed with people in mind—to help them work, collaborate, and create together. That’s why we have invested so much in Webex,” said Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM, Applications Group, Cisco. “Our vision is to bring this amazing experience to a billion users and conference rooms all around the world.”

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5 tips for Conducting Effective Team Meetings

When most people hear the word “meeting” they think “boring, time consuming, and often pointless”. It is important that if you are going to pull a team out of their daily tasks to meet with each other, the meeting is fruitful and efficient. As a project manager, it is our job to lead meetings that clearly relay project status and allow a forum for collaboration that keeps the project moving forward. Below are five tips for conducting effective team meetings:

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5 Technologies LookingPoint is Loving this Valentine's Day!

The day of love is upon us. Valentine's Day is a day most of us spend celebrating our loved ones. We buy cards, candy, and gifts for the special people in our lives - all in the name of love. This year we wanted to take some time on this day celebrating the technologies we love most. There are so many amazing technologies out there to choose from, but we somehow managed to pair the list down to the 5 technologies we love most right now!

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The Future of Collaboration: Virtual Reality

My wife and I had a baby recently which has been wonderful…save only for the lack of sleep it has brought us. Sitting up with our son and my wife at night has given me not only insight into the amazing amount of work mom’s do but, also some time to think (and catch up Golden Girls re-runs). It was still dark out, sometime early this morning, while my wife rocked our young son to sleep (again), when I started to think about my day. How could I change my routine to squeeze in 20 or 30 more min of sleep? “Maybe I could stop showering and brushing my teeth?” I thought. That would save 30 min but, probably wouldn’t fly for long with my wife.

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Make Your Communication Agile, Mobile and Collaborative.

Cisco Spark has reinvented the collaboration experience, delivering messaging, meetings, voice/ video calls, and digital whiteboarding in the cloud.

Companies are beginning to experience a cultural shift, catering to a mobile work force. The days when business meetings required travel, and time away from the business are becoming a thing of the past. More and more companies are connecting both internally and with customers via web based video conferencing. The Spark application is designed to address the needs of the workforce of 2017 and beyond. In the age of the agile business, it is how you trump the competition and deepen engagement with your customers.

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One Service. All Your Communications

Enterprise Connect - taking place this week at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Florida - has been the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications in North America for the past 26 years. Enterprise Connect brings corporate IT decision makers together with the industry's vendors, analysts and consultants to focus on the issues central to enterprise networks and communications.

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Fireside Chat: Enabling Collaboration

Fireside Chats are a LookingPoint video series where we bring casual technology conversations to you! This week we are discussing another topic that is taking 2017 by storm: Enabling collaboration solutions in the workplace. Sit back, relax, and enjoy another fireside chat. 

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Collaboration Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Whether you're making the jump to cloud with Cisco Spark or sticking with your existing on premise Unified Communications implementation, the push to enable collaboration is happening in businesses across all verticals. The need to enable collaboration and empower employees to work from anywhere while maintaining the same level of collaboration as an in-person interaction is in high demand. This need is driven by the influx of millennials into the workforce, the fact that no one likes commuting, or a bit of both.

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Cisco Spark Board – Improving Work Through Simplicity

Yesterday Cisco hosted the Cisco Spark Launch in San Francisco, CA. The event included an exclusive look at the latest Cisco Spark innovations, hands-on demonstrations, and thoughts and remarks from event hosts Chuck Robbins, CEO, and Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM of Cisco's IoT and Applications. 

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