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Starting with Firepower 7.2, Cisco announced the ability to manage these firewalls using a Cisco hosted Cloud-Delivered Firewall Management Center (cdFMC). I recently had a project setting up cdFMC for the first time so I figure I would go over what I learned and show how to access cdFMC, how to import policies, and join your first Firepower firewall.

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Migrating another firewall to Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) can be a daunting task. Depending on the role of the firewall, it can have thousands of ACL entries, network and service objects and network address translations (NAT). Fortunately, for anyone that is migrating to Cisco FTDs that are managed by Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC), Cisco provides a firewall...

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There may be certain situation when you need to reset a Cisco FTD appliance back to factory default to get a clean start. One such example is during a deployment I encountered a Cisco Bug for FTD version 7.0.4 locally managed by FDM. The bug caused a corruption in the database that cannot be repair and configurations from the FDM are not synced with the LINA, the ASA portion of the FTD. There...

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Firepower FTD Remote Access VPN SSO using SAML and Azure AD, with Azure AD Conditional Access to Duo 2FA, and Cisco ISE for Authorization and Group Policy Assignment

There are multiple components to this solution, and while there are a few different approaches to accomplish the end goal, I wanted to focus on a solution that didn’t require an onsite Duo Authentication Proxy server. This blog will...

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How to create a Certificate Signing Request with OpenSSL for your Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Firewall managed by FirePower Management Center.

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May 20
FTD FlexConfig
Posted by Rick Wong

With the FTDs being managed by FMC everything is now configured via GUI. There is no longer the option of configuring via CLI like the ASAs. You can still access the CLI but Cisco does not officially support configuration using the CLI. Obviously, there are pros and cons to this. You no long need to remember syntax and which command does what. You just need to know how to navigate the GUI menus...

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