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The Breakout tool utility is a local terminal server that embeds the various serial ports into a single HTTPS connection to the CML control server.  You can connect directly to this tool using your favorite terminal emulation software and ride that HTTPS connection. 

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RIP VIRL, long live CML! 

For its latest network simulation platform release, Cisco has decided to rename VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Labs) to CML-P (Cisco Modeling Labs - Personal) instead of VIRL 2.0. For lots of good reasons, but probably the best being not wanting to be associated with the global pandemic. The CML product has and continues to be the enterprise version of the platform,...

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Sep 11

As an experienced Cisco network engineer, you have often saved yourself from being locked out of a router when you make a change with a “reload in x” command. This handy command reboots most Cisco devices (routers, switches, firewalls) in the x number of minutes that you had specified. Thus, if you made a change that killed your connection to it, then you just have to wait until the time expires...

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Cisco is and has been a leader in on-prem solutions for Contact Center and now is leading in Cloud solutions for CC as well.  Appropriate for solutions that range between 21 – 300 agents, Webex Contact Center enable Sales and Service departments in an enterprise find and fulfill customer needs.

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Security is something that most IT folks have a love/ hate relationship with. OK, mostly hate… because data security is not easy and it’s not something you can just do and forget about, instead you must continuously adapt your network security to keep up with evolving threats and mitigate risk.

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Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), we’ve all heard of this often-used term (maybe overused) but what does it mean? What do you get if you have one and how do you get it? All great questions that begs to be answered.

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