Protecting Your Network from Cryptojacking

We are experiencing the age of the “digital gold rush”. Cryptocurrency discussions are dominating conversations everywhere and we all know someone invested in some sort of crypto if we aren’t ourselves. Cryptocurrencies derive their value in part through the limitation of cryptocoins that can be created.  The potential return on cryptocurrencies makes cryptomining – the creation of cryptiocurrencies - highly attractive. This mining “consumes significant CPU resources and can severely impact system performance and power consumption” (Chromium Blog). The new cryptocurrency trend has brought to light a new network threat – illicit cryptomining in which outside users are infiltrating victims’ networks to utilize their computer resources.

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Fireside Chat: Cisco AMP for Endpoints

In this Fireside Chat CEO, Sean Barr, sits down with Solutions Architect, Marshall Hill, to discuss Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoint security. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Fireside Chat. 

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AMP for Endpoints: Deployment to your Users

Recently I deployed Cisco’s AMP for Endpoints for a 50-user organization. For the uninitiated, AMP for Endpoints is Cisco’s cloud based, enterprise grade, advanced malware protection software that is deployed to each end device in the network. Each endpoint reports back to the central cloud controller and is managed by the controller. Cisco integrated AMP for Endpoints with Cisco’s ThreatGRID to provide deep threat analytics; analyzing millions of files and correlating them against hundreds of millions of malware samples. The controller can then push these new signatures to each endpoint automatically, protecting the device.

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The Value of Application Security and Visibility

Today more and more businesses are focused on application security and visibility. With expected exponential growth in online devices - from 15B today to an expected 500B by 2030, securing those devices has never been more important. Today’s rapidly evolving business models reflect trends like hybrid cloud, mobility and BYOD, meaning the traditional network perimeter has largely dissolved. The ability to protect the endpoint and the extended network is an increasing necessity.

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