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With the world of remote work continuing to evolve into more of a standard workflow, it is becoming more and more important to secure your company’s data, while still providing access to employees to allow for work. Cisco continues to lead the way with VPN technology and providing solutions to meet the needs of business. Like many blogs out there already, AnyConnect is no new thing and...

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Today we are talking about 802.1X, like authenticating a device coming into a conference room.What is 802.1X ? In simple terms, it is an authentication mechanism that we leverage.

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What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust is a framework and attitude towards IT security that centers on the idea that we in the IT field cannot trust anyone or any device on our network. Many systems administrators are well versed in this model. Every employee is assigned a domain joined laptop that is locked down via Group Policy. Those employees are tracked via a user identity using their AD profile...

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