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Once logged into the wireless controller, creating a WLAN is very simple. Configuring the WLAN’s setting is where it can become difficult. Creating the WLAN is as easy as entering one command in configuration mode. That command is the wlan command. In this blog I will be covering some basic commands for you to create and configure some general properties of a Wireless network.

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Recently I captured a Wi-Fi survey for a customer. While looking at the data in Ekahau. I noticed a small area that had lower data rate than the rest of the building. While trying to figure out why I checked the normal suspects like signal strength, noise, signal to noise ratio, co-channel interference, and channel width. The data from these categories all looked good and there was no clear...

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I recently completed my Ekahau Design training and certification. During the first day of class the instructor went over wireless fundamentals. Now as an experienced wireless engineer most of the topics were ideas that I had already known, however there were a few idea's that changed the way I understand wireless for the better. Lets walk though each of these idea's together!

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Hi People, welcome to another exciting edition of my blog. Today I will be covering IOS best practices (some of them at least). While these will be specific to Cisco IOS they’re also applicable to other types of Cisco devices. You’ll also find many of these best practices are also seen on IOS-XE/NX-OS platforms, however the syntax may differ (please verify before attempting to apply).

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With the explosion of wireless technology we have experienced in the last few years, wireless networks are being asked to handled more and more demanding traffic. Between laptops, cell phones, and wireless IoT devices, the importance of having your wireless infrastructure optimized has never been greater.

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Feb 27
Mobility Express
Posted by Rick Wong

A few months of ago I was asked to help bring up a branch site for one of LookingPoint’s clients.   This was unscheduled work and it was the first time I encountered Cisco’s Mobility Express. My previous projects have been enterprise deployments either using the traditional WLC or Meraki’s cloud managed APs. With Mobility Express, Cisco allows an AP to run as a wireless controller. Starting with...

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