Maximize your time at Cisco Live!

The countdown begins for Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego! We are super excited to see all that Cisco will be presenting and introducing to us. We thought that we would give you our top picks of sessions to attend during this jam packed, awesome week!

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Toll Fraud Prevention

No matter how seasoned an engineer you are, it’s a magic feeling to reach the end of a Cisco UC upgrade. The systems are up, devices are registered, you've dodged all the bugs in the code that threatened to throw your little upgrade train off the rails of your cut plan and burning into the canyon of despair. Things are working and its time to start testing. Its at this point, that you or more specifically I in this case, noticed an interesting all circuits busy message when I attempted to dial inbound from the outside. After some quick investigation, my curiosity turned to surprise when I discovered that the customer's voicemail system had not only been compromised but, was being used to place hundreds of outbound calls to international numbers per minute. This is toll fraud. A well-known attack among voice engineers who have spent some time in the field but, largely a mystery to victims who only learn about it when they receive massive phone bills for seemingly no reason. In a nut shell, the attack leverages compromised voicemail boxes on your system to allow attackers to make unlimited international calls at your expense. While simple in theory, I thought I would try to share the details and origins of this hack below. Enjoy!

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